Alkaline Ionized Water Works at the Cellular Level to Promote Better Health and Healing Naturally

The Ionized water unit is projected to be the next major appliance on everyone’s kitchen counter in the coming years. Why? Because what we are currently drinking is contaminated, polluted with chemicals, highly acidic and it is not conducive to promoting good health at the cellular level- and definitely not natural healing. The Japanese have been drinking a miracle liquid for 35 years that has allowed them to experience such good fortune that they rank number one in life expectancy of all nations according to the UN (United Nations) and WHO (World Health Organization). What is their secret? They drink a substance that penetrates every cell of their bodies, creating the ultimate alkaline balance, while super-hydrating and detoxifying them with every drink. It also provides them with an abundance of oxygen and more antioxidants than green tea or any supplement or food available.kanagawasuido

Ionized water is unlike any other because it mimics the most natural and healthy water on earth found only high in the mountains – unpolluted and untainted by chemicals, preservatives or pesticides. In its natural form, it flows down the mountains and over rocks, picking up life-giving properties such as oxygen and natural alkalizing minerals from the earth. When a substance becomes alkaline it also becomes an antioxidant, which everyone knows are very good for you and help you fight illness, disease and the aging process. This process of water bouncing off of rocks and natural elements also creates a unique structure to the water molecule making the molecule clusters smaller so that it penetrates your cells and makes it easier for your body to absorb.

Smaller water molecule clusters, which also contain an abundance of stable oxygen, allows your body to experience super-hydration at the cellular level, which then allows you to flush your cells and detoxify them efficiently. When your cells are clean, they are able to absorb nutrients and minerals which can lead to better health and a feeling of well-being. Disease cannot thrive in an environment that is alkaline and full of clean oxygen. It thrives in an acidic, dehydrated, oxygen-deprived environment.

Nature has provided you with a valuable gift, that if you take care of it properly, can provide you with a long and healthy life. Your body has the ability to naturally heal itself if given the right tools- it renews itself approximately every seven years. Depending on how healthy your cells are, depends on how well this renewal system works. If your cells are acidic, they are toxic and this will continue a cycle of mutated cells which have deformities that promote disease and premature aging.

Eating an alkaline diet can help to balance your body, by giving you extra alkaline minerals and antioxidants, but you will likely still come up short on the healing end, because you still have to rid yourself of excess acids for diet alone to work effectively. Cellular health begins with proper hydration, detoxification and oxygen that you won’t get from a healthy diet alone. You are 70% water- your body’s most vital substance. Without it, and unless you drink the proper amounts, you cannot hydrate properly. Water that is contaminated and polluted with chemicals only adds to more acid in your body, so you have to drink the right kind to truly battle disease and experience true health.

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