Cast Iron Cookware – Proper Care

Proper care of cast iron cookware can be a very careproper important factor in keeping those camp time meals as delicious as the first time. There are a lot of common mistakes made in the care of cast iron and I will be talking about those here in this article. I will also cover cleaning techniques for your cookware and if you are planning on prolonging the life of your cookware you will definitely want to pay attention and take some notes.

First we will be talking about common mistakes made in the care of cast iron. One of the most common mistakes in caring for your cookware would be to clean the cookware with dish soap. One of the best things about it is that they are just like most styles of BBQ grills, you gain a lot of flavor from grease and fats from previously cooked foods. Using dish soap in the cleaning of your cookware can eliminate these already flavor enhancing grease and fats. Another common mistake is improper storage. Allowing your cookware to be stored without being cleaned, greased, and wrapped can lead to not only removing tasteful flavors from your cookware but it can also leave behind dusty dry tasting flavors. These bad flavors left behind can ruin your campfire meals very quickly! To avoid this unsatisfying taste you simply need to clean your cookware the correct way.

Cleaning your cast iron can be a very quick and easy thing if you follow the correct steps. Once the cooking surface is cool and clean you need to get some paper towels and Crisco, butter, or your preferred cooking fat. Rub a fair amount of grease onto your paper towel and begin to wipe the cooking surface clean. This may take a few paper towels but it is by far the best way to lock in desired flavors and to ensure your future meals continue to get better. Using water can be helpful but be sure to never use any type of dish soap or other detergents.

By following the steps we have talked about today for you will be able to ensure your cookware lasts. You will also ensure your cookware continues to produce tasty camp fire meals. If you have other methods of cleaning your cast iron cookware or caring for your cast iron cookware be sure to leave the advice for others by commenting on this article. I am a camping enthusiast and have been using cast iron cookware for years but all opinions are welcome.

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