Find Out How To Cash In Doing CPA Affiliate Marketing

You are about to learn some techniques for making a lot of money doing CPA Affiliate Marketing. “Cost per action”, as CPA stands for, is an online advertising payment model that is based mainly on qualifying actions such as registrations, leads, downloads and others like simply collecting zip codes best pay per install network, email addresses and for sales too.

There are lots of CPA networks offering a myriad of cost-per-action agreements that you can subscribe to. These you can search for online, and when you chose a number of CPA networks to apply for registration, this is the first thing you must do to start your CPA affiliate marketing business. When you apply to these networks, make sure you convey your expertise in marketing, by answering their relevant questions fully and truthfully.

If you are a complete newbie, it may be more difficult to get accepted with some networks, but if you persevere and listen carefully to their managers while talking on the phone, you will find ways of persuading them that you are serious with your promoting skills and that you want to be a good affiliate for them. You will be allowed to promote for them when they see you mean business.

For those of you that already have some experience in media buying, and that you know which offers or products convert best in everyday affiliate marketing, your approval is almost guaranteed by many networks. If you already have a website, that makes it even easier to get accepted.

Tell them that you promoted health, financial and business opportunities, diet etc. etc. and you will have no reason to get rejected. And even if you do by some, don’t worry, just pick up the phone and give them a ring, speak to their affiliate manager and ask them why they are rejecting you and what it would take for you to get approved; in most cases they will accept you there and then.

Ok, so now that you are in with some networks, you will see that there are thousands and thousands of offers that you can promote. By the way, the cost-per-action agreements have to do with some related type of conversion, the most common being registrations and sales.

One thing that is most beneficial for you is getting to know your CPA network manager, try to talk to him often and ask him which offers pay best, before you start your campaigns. They are usually very helpful, even to the extent of letting you know which offers will make you the most money.

There are also deals based solely on clicks, which are called cost-per-click (CPC) and the cost-per-impressions model (CPM) or cost-per-thousand impressions, at the other end of the range, with CPA (cost per action) being in the middle of the two. The CPA type of affiliate marketing, have the publishers taking almost all of the advertising risk, and their commissions depend on the whole, on very good conversion rates from their web sites and your creative, efficient promotion.

Pay special notice to the CPA networks terms and conditions and abide by them strictly or you risk losing your commissions. You will not want to be banned from their networks!

If you have difficulty with these terms PPC, CPA, CPM, you can search them on the internet, in the main PPC advertising platforms of the larger search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN where you will get a wealth of information about setting up campaigns in the CPA networks. They have excellent free tutorials you can follow and take action on.


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