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The game of golf isn’t just about hitting a little ball around a golf course. Golf has become a source of enjoyment for our weekly golf matches with it’s information about the variety of interesting betting games that can be played to make the game more interesting or break sbobet888 up the monotony if your game has hit a plateau.

For years we have played best 1-2-3 best balls. This is a progression of scoring. On the first hole, the best ball of the foursome is the team score. On the second hole the best 2 balls are the team score and on the third hole the best 3 balls are the team score. On the fourth hole, its back to the one best ball for the team score. This keeps all players of the foursome in the game.

Did you ever hear of an Arnies, Best Low Net, a Sandy, a Scramble, Bag Raid, Irish four Ball or Blind Nine? Would you like to know what these games are?

o Arnies – the winner of an Arnie has pared a hole without ever being on the fairway during a hole.

o Best Low Net – with handicaps the best ball or 2 best balls are counted per hole. Low net wins.

o A Sandy – sinking the ball from the sand for a birdie or par.

o Scramble – one of the games used in tournament play. It can be played as a twosome or foursome. Each player tees off and the best drive is the place where they hit their next ball. The best of the second shot, and subsequent shots are used until the ball is holed.

o Bag Raid – The loser of the hole has one of his or her clubs removed from their bag. With the exception of the putter, a player could find himself teeing off with his putter! o Irish four ball – Many use the best 2 balls of a hole while there is a variation:

Hole 1-6: one low ball

Hole 7- 11: two low balls

Hole 12-15: three low balls

Hole 16-18: all four balls

o Blind Nine – After playing 18 holes the tournament organizer pick nine holes to eliminate and this is your score.

These are but a few of the dozens of games played to make your day on the links most interesting or frustrating. After all, if you are on a golf resort or vacation, spicing each day up with different games is not a bad idea.


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