Home-Sweet-Home Franchise Opportunities

When you go to work, you shouldn’t have to leave home, commute or put up with grumpy supervisors. Home sweet home….it has become increasing true, especially over the last ten years that the home is becoming the best place for starting a low cost franchise opportunity. While the idea of starting a low cost home based franchise business is certainly not a new concept, most low cost franchise opportunities were either independent start-ups or consultant-based platforms homesweethome.

Now fast forward to present and you will see that the home-based franchise industry is growing fast, enabling new entrepreneurs to run legitimate and successful businesses from home with relatively low cost and high income potential.

Let’s start by addressing the differences between a home-based franchise and a more traditional brick and mortar franchise. With a home based franchise opportunity there is lower cost associated with operating your business. Usually no employees, no rent at the end of each month. You won’t have to pay unemployment insurance or match your payroll taxes for each employee employed. All the rules and regulations associated with a traditional franchise. Up until recently there was a lack of quality low cost franchise opportunities available…that has started to change

There is a big difference between business opportunities (often called “Biz-Ops”) and a low cost home-based franchise opportunity. A home based franchise offers a proven business model; a biz-op generally offers far less quantifiable proof. Most of your biz-ops being marketed today are selling you on the get rich quick method. We have all seen the ads, “sign up 2 people and make $20,000 a month”, or my favorite “Are you lazy? I will build your downline for you and pay you just for signing up”. Typically this business model is neither effective nor proven.

A reputable low cost franchise opportunity offers a proven business model. A solid and effective marketing platform, complete training and a product line that is in demand. The communities that have sprung up and blossomed around these low cost franchise opportunities are other like minded entrepreneurs, I.E. lawyers, business owners and community leaders. Providing a rich and supportive environment, ready to help and assist you in your venture.

Is it possible to earn $100,000+ per year working solely from your home computer less than 20 hours a week with no requirement to market and sell your products or services? Unlikely, but if it were easy wouldn’t everybody be doing it? Dismiss the myth that it is easy to make a living online, generating actual profits with a low cost franchise is like any other real business. It will require an investment in both your time and resources, but the rewards can be great, both financially and personally.

In summation: I believe the time is ripe for researching low cost franchise opportunities, the economy is weak and people are tired of allowing corporations to control their future. The home based business franchise has evolved into a reputable niche. There are more opportunities to select from and operating a home based franchise is cheaper, easier and more profitable than a traditional brick and mortar franchise. Do your research, be persistent and make a commitment.

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