iPhone Application Developer – Market Positioning

iPhone application developers are supposed to make hay till the sun shines on the iPhone.

The sale of iPhone is being boosted by built in features as well as add on applications available on the Apple Store. The demand of iPhone applications is going on increasing ERP accounting system. On the other hand there are many mobile app developers that are now offering a wide array of app development services. Market positioning has now become necessary for most of the applications developers.

Some street smart ways for market positioning are as follows.

Offering free Applications:
The app developers usually offer free app just to create a space in the market for themselves. This strategy is usually adopted by the new comers. Even the experienced players resort to this strategy at times. The free applications may be offered free to the consumers but not to the businesses. This offer may be valid for a specific time limit only but may be charged for extended use. The app developer may resort to this strategy to create a base of subscribers.

Market positioning of the app is also possible on the lines of the functionality of existing application. The applications that are already on sale and operational are needed to be studied for their functionality. If they are not fulfilling the needs of the app buyers they can be improved upon and then offered as new application.

The existing app may not have a professional look. This could be the major cause for limited marketing prospects of the application. The app developer may refine the look of the application, making it look more professional and attractive.

Potential of Niche Market:
iPhone app. can be developed either for mass public or niche market. The app. developers usually make a mistake by relating the niche market to limited potential and mass public market to unlimited potential. This is not true in all the scenarios. It is very much possible that the application for niche market may have a high potential. The applications for the medical services are the best examples of niche market applications with high potential. When the application developer is offering his/her services to a particular industry or niche market, after some years of experience it is very much possible that he/she may become a monopoly leader or at least a leading application developer for that niche market segment. This can help the application developer to create a strong footing base for the application developer to offer a range of services in the future.


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