The Cost of Quality Wear Parts

Low Price vs High Quality parts

It is an age old debate that seems to be continuing. Do you sacrifice quality products for a short term price saving? The answer is no.

It seems that many plant managers are becoming increasingly price conscious when buying replacement parts for their construction machinery, including Excavators, Dozers and Loading shovels. This is no surprise after the recent recession, and the great struggle suffered by businesses to stay afloat.

But is the short term gain of a small price saving to meet company budgets and so forth worth the long term pain and expense of poor quality wear parts?

Wear Parts

Bucket teeth and cutting edges for loading shovels are two classic example of when buying high quality products is imperative. It is impossible to have both low price and high quality – the two features just simply don’t go together. For this reason manufacturers have to make trade-offs.

Unfortunately with steel products such as bucket teeth and wear blades the only way to reduce the price is to reduce the quality and the hardness of the steel, and this mulcherparts could do a lot more harm than it is worth. As a result of reducing the hardness of the steel, the wear blades and bucket teeth wear out faster and have to be replaced more often, which means the constant cost will rack up.

And this is just the direct cost of buying low priced wear parts! The next piece gets a lot more scary. What people forget to take into account is the cost of downtime.

The cost of downtime

If a piece of equipment has to be stopped from working while the wear blade or teeth are changed, it is costing money in lost working time for both the machine and the operator. This cost is largely hidden, as no one pays out for it as a direct expense, but it is often a much higher cost than even the cost of the wear parts. If you then buy inferior quality parts that need replacing more often, you just introduce more downtime cost!

So remember – do not overlook the cost of downtime on your equipment when you are purchasing parts. The price of poor quality will be remembered long after the price of good quality! With wear parts you cannot compromise on quality. Next time you purchase a new replacement check for the hardness of steel.


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