The Importance of Medical Scales and Measuring Devices in Healthcare

Having accurate medical scales and measures is essential in healthcare, be it a newborn baby being weighed to track growth and development, a patient weighed for anaesthetic dose purposes, or a bed ridden patient in need of medication. Medical scales and measuring devices are available to suit these differing needs, and are constantly evolving to offer more accurate and easier ways of measuring weight and height. Further to this, using new technology means that the information gained cityuvmc from these measuring devices can now be analysed as part of the process.

A medical professional must know the exact weight of the patient in order to be able to administer the correct dose for medicines, or anaesthetics. Patients have different needs in terms of the size of the dose and the frequency they have to take the treatment to recover. Therefore it is vital that hospitals and medical centres have the best, up-to-date, perfectly working and properly calibrated medical scales. The administering of the wrong amount of dosage given to an adult or a child could have very serious consequences.

Another example of the importance of accurate scales is the use of baby weighing scales. The tracking of a baby’s weight by midwives and health visitors is an essential part of their healthcare, giving vital information on their growth and development and feeding needs as a consequence of this.

A variety of medical scales and measuring devices are available to cover this range of uses. These include baby weighing scales, floor scales, wheelchair and bed scales for patients with limited or no mobility and height measures.

New technology has greatly added to the medical scales and measuring devices area of the medical products industry. Medical scales and measuring devices are now available with lifting assistance, power failure back up and programmes to store and analyse previously taken weights.

An example of this is the product system Seca 360° wireless. Seca 360° wireless is a wireless network for measuring weight and height. Blue tooth connected height and weight measures are used to collect measurements. The data is then transferred to a PC via a wireless connection. Once this has been done, Seca analytical software then handles the interpretation and graphic presentation of weight, height and the other parameters related to the patient’s health. This information can be used to provide diagnostic support to doctors. A further benefit is that the measurements and analysis can then be transferred directly into a digital patient file.

Medical scales and measuring devices are therefore part of the fundamentals of the medical world. As technology progresses the benefits can be felt by patients and professionals alike.

Alana Holder writes about medical equipment and supplies.


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